MTR-79, the well known food additives in shrimp industry


MTR-79 is first introduced in 2000 by Patchara Products and technically the first non phosphate food additives in the world. The food additive is widely used in shrimps in Vietnam and Thailand, Indonesia.

Looking closely at the shrimp industry, Ecuador and India are the biggest shrimp producers in the world but they mainly produce HOSO shrimps, which require no food additives. Vietnam and Thailand are the two countries with highest skilled workers that mainly produce the value added shrimp products for the entire world. Therefore, food additives from Vietnam and Thailand are considered the best in the world for shrimp processing aids.


MTR-79 is a blend of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid that is commonly used in the shrimp processing industry. It is added to shrimp as a brine solution during processing to help improve their texture, color, and overall appearance. The use of MTR-79 helps to enhance the quality of shrimp, making them more appealing to consumers.

Cooked Shrimp
Food additives for cooked shrimp

One of the key benefits of using MTR-79 is its ability to reduce melanosis or black spot formation in shrimp. Melanosis is a natural process that occurs in shrimp when they are exposed to air or sunlight, causing the appearance of dark spots on their skin. While melanosis does not affect the safety or flavor of the shrimp, it can make them less visually appealing to consumers. By reducing the amount of melanosis in shrimp, MTR-79 helps to improve their overall appearance and appeal.

The citric acid in MTR-79 acts as a chelating agent, which helps to remove metals like iron that can cause discoloration in shrimp. This helps to maintain the natural color of the shrimp, making them more visually appealing to consumers. Additionally, the sodium bicarbonate in the blend helps to maintain the pH of the shrimp, which also helps to prevent discoloration and maintain the quality of the shrimp.

Another benefit of using MTR-79 is its ability to improve the texture of shrimp. When added to shrimp as a brine solution, MTR-79 helps to enhance their firmness and juiciness, making them more satisfying to eat. This improved texture is achieved by the reaction between the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, which produces carbon dioxide gas. This gas helps to create a more uniform texture in the shrimp, making them more desirable to consumers.


In summary, MTR-79 is a processing aid used in the shrimp industry to enhance the quality and appearance of shrimp. It has stood the test of time and still widely used in many shrimp producing countries after its introduction in 2001. Its blend of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid helps to reduce melanosis and discoloration, while also improving the texture and overall appeal of the shrimp. The use of MTR-79 is subject to strict regulations by government agencies to ensure its safety and effectiveness, making it a reliable and trusted processing aid in the shrimp industry

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