Seafood factory

TCM 505

Application and market:

Widely used for shrimps in high-priced market. Great yield and preserve the natural color. Well suited for premium markets like EU, Japan (great taste, no E500)


Extends shelflife by re-hydrating the product and surface protection. 

Reducing freeze and cook loss. Improving Taste

Preserving appearance, color and texture


Sodium Citrate (E 331iii)

Potassium Citrate (E 332ii)

Sodium Chloride (CFR 182.l)


 Description  Specification
Appearance White Powder
pH (4% Solution) 7.8- 8.8
Solubility Complete
Heavy Metal, AS Pb 10 ppm Max


2 ppm Max

2 ppm Max

Hg 0.05 ppm Max


TCM 505

  • Non phosphate non E500 blend with good moisture retention capacity and exceptional taste after cooked
  • Great blend to protect the texture through freezing
  • Producer: Patchara Products (HACCP, cGMP, IS0 9001:2015, HALAL)
Cooked Shrimp
Breaded shrimp